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Want a creative & motivational personal growth experience?  Plan a girls night out.  Host a retreat a lunch & learn.  Or attend a workshop near you.  In my DREAMER WORKSHOPS you will learn my 

- "5 Dream-life Resolutions" to help you create your dream life right where you are.  
- "Dreamer Reflections" - a collection of quotes to inspire you to catch your dreams.
- A simple meditation practice to help you release negativity and boost positivity.
- We will define  "BE-ing you" while you are "BE-COMING who you really are."  
And....drum roll please.  YOU will make your own personal DREAMCATCHER. A masterpiece that will delight any space in your home, room, or office.    Our journey together will end with my favorite part, the Dream Circle.  Here, you will choose three meaningful charms that symbolize the character traits you want to focus on.  So,come DREAM with me.  Let's "BE" and "BE-come" together!

With love & friendship,


Jodi's Workshop

Utah, United States