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NEW Offering! Foot Zoning by Jodi

IWorkshop:  Foot Zoning by Jodi  - Can I just say I am SO, SO, SO excited to be a Certified Foot Zone Therapist!  If you'd like a FREE Foot Zone, email me at  I'm eagerly Foot Zoning 100 people April thru September in preparation for opening my own practice in October 2019.  You come to me or I come to you.  You deserve to feel emotionally balanced and Foot Zoning is a self-care tool to help you release negative energy and restore and reclaim positive energy.  Find out how Foot Zoning can help you feel balanced and peaceful.  

Workshop: Emotional Self-Care

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I teach adults, teens, children.  I travel, too.  Retreats.  Home classes.  Office Lunch & Learns.  To attend one of my in-home workshops email me.  

Guests make a sample take-home roller bottle.

"Jodi's approach is uplifting with an added spark of energy!" - Marta


My Workshops

Personal Growth Workshop


Jodi  has twenty years public speaking experience.  She currently co-hosts "The Living Room" podcast.  Her stories, messages and books elevate and encourage personal growth and human connection.  

Themes include:  

Breathe, Girl, Breathe!

One Drop at a Time

The Ruby Secret


Love Bigger

Love, Live and Let to Go of Hard Things -

Jodi shares her personal overcoming story of learning to forgive an intoxicated driver who ran over her father in an accident that left  him with a traumatic brain injury

Foot Zone Therapy Workshop


Jodi is certifying as a Foot Zone Therapist and will be opening her private practice in October 2019.   She goes on-site to provide you and your guests a Foot Zone experience to restore balance.  

Dreamcatcher Workshop


Jodi's Dreamcatcher Workshops help relieve stress so you can rediscover the joy of becoming your dreams.

Book your creative & motivational personal growth experience by emailing Plan a girls night out.  Host a retreat or a lunch & learn or attend a workshop in her home.

Jodi's  DREAMER WORKSHOPS include:

-5 Dream-life Resolutions so your dream life begins right where you are

- A simple, daily meditation practice to help you release negativity and boost positivity.  

- Affirmations for BE-ING  you while you are 

BE-COMING who you really are

-Each attendee will create her own DREAMCATCHER and end by participating in the DREAM CIRCLE where you choose three meaningful charms to embellish your dreamer.  

What people are saying?

 "I loved how funny and down to earth she is.  Everyone connected with her." - Julie

"Jodi's got such a big heart when she teaches.  It's a gift." - Jess

"Jodi's dreamer workshops are inspiring!. My sales team can't wait to do it again." Jessica

"Jodi showed me how to design my custom keepsake dreamer to showcase and display beautifully my grandma's hand-crocheted doily. I'm loving this project!" - Jacqueline

"Jodi put on a birthday party for my daughter and her friends. They all made a dreamer and learned how to use positive affirmations to define their dreams! They loved it!" - Melanie

 "Jodi's workshops work! We invited her to our women's retreat.  She inspired us with her energy and true inspirational stories.  We loved making stamped bracelets and dreamcatchers so we could remember our time together." Areta